Hello and welcome to CyberMiningCompany.com.  This site will attempt to have interesting articles and information and links about cyber currencies, mining them, investing in mining them, investing in cyber currencies and happenings in the field.

I got involved with BitCoin back in 2011 and actually paid all of my bills with mining BitCoin for a couple of years.  Then the asics got the market expanding too fast for me to make money on it as my finances were extremely limited.  I have always regretted that I wasn’t able to save back some of my BitCoins but it took all I could get just to get my bills paid.  Anyway, a few months back I noticed that video cards were once again almost impossible to buy.  I looked into it and got back into mining.  This time with Ethereum.  I am currently mining with three computers and just 6 video cards.  My last rig was built just for mining and will hold 4 more cards when I can afford them.  I am hoping I can do that while the price is still down.

So please check back on the site as I am now working on it and trying to get it up and some content posted